Colin Seeger

Corporate Affairs | Indigenous Australia | Lifestyle Entertainment

Colin graduated in law from Monash University and has been actively involved in the music and media industry for the last 25 years. He was Corporate Counsel and head of Legal and Business for Polygram Australia (now Universal Music) overseeing the Group’s legal work for the recording, home video and publishing divisions, as well as managing the catalogues of local and international copyrights, trademarks and related deal negotiations with licensors, and other media groups such as TV and radio networks.

He founded Abilong in 1996 to advise commercial ventures of all kinds on how best to secure the maximum benefit from their creative effort and intellectual property. Abilong provides commercial advice to a wide range of enterprises and creatives, clients have included TV program developers, major entertainment events, technology start-ups and Apple Computers (securing the music used to support the iPod’s launch into Asia). The company consulted to large UK arena events to create IP Matrix analysis and commercialization plans and provides Expert Witness services to litigation, such as the highly publicized “Men at Work/Kookaburra” copyright case. He has also worked closely with other companies in the music industry, such as Blue Pie and Ordior.

Colin Seeger is the key player in assisting Indig’s new ventures to become “capital ready”. He matches funders with commercial opportunities. Through this work, Colin has built close relations with a range of US and UK law firms and has developed a niche business creating and overseeing filing by patent attorneys of business system patents and a global network of media contacts and associates across television, new media and record companies. When operating a label with as much emphasis on cultural variety as Indig Music, the legal side of things is essential to manage properly. Seeger brings a level of care and respect to his work that is not only 100% required for jobs of this nature, but also most welcome. He loves what he does, and does it well.

As Indig’s internal corporate affairs consultant, Colin works to protect and manage Indig worldwide. A non-stop powerhouse of life and energy, with a great sense of humour, we are honoured to have Colin on the team.

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